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Brooklyn is a bustling urban borough located in Kings County, New York. It is the most populous of the 5 five boroughs of New York City. Brooklyn has a rich history dating back 350 years when the Dutch settled in the area. By the 19th century, Brooklyn began an economic boom with the development of the New York Navy Yard. By the late 1800s, the Brooklyn Bridge was built, strengthening the borough’s ties to New York City. Given its proximity to Ellis Island, Brooklyn has a diverse cultural and religious population. The borough’s population has increased over the decades in part due to its parks, sports teams, cultural venues, and easy access to transportation to the City and the surrounding boroughs. Its schools, libraries, and higher education opportunities have also made it a favorite place to live, work, and shop at stores like V-Y Glass and Mirror Services.

Glass Shower Doors

As expert craftsmen, at V-Y Glass and Mirror Services, we offer a wide variety of custom-made frameless, semi-frameless, and framed shower doors. Glass shower doors offer a blend of functionality, elegance, and style to any bathroom space. Their transparent panels create an illusion of space, making even smaller bathrooms in city homes feel more open and airy. The sleek design of glass shower doors adds a contemporary touch to the overall aesthetic, seamlessly integrating with various bathroom styles.. Beyond aesthetics, glass shower doors are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy households. Whether opting for frameless designs or framed options, glass shower doors enhance both the visual appeal and functionality in any Brooklyn, New York bathroom.

Other Glass Products

In addition to our diverse selection of custom-designed glass shower doors, we offer tinted glass for kitchen cabinets and windows, plexiglass and lexan, glass partitions and table tops, along with tempered and laminated glass choices. Our V-Y Glass and Mirrors Services extend to building, repairing, and replacing windows of any dimensions, and we maintain a comprehensive inventory of replacement window parts, including Anderson windows for Brooklyn, New York homes. Furthermore, we specialize in crafting custom storm windows and screens for both doors and windows to meet specific requirements and preferences.


Our company specializes in an extensive range of mirrors to suit the diverse needs and preferences of the residents of Brooklyn, New York. Our collection includes custom-designed mirrors tailored to fit specific dimensions and complement any decor. Whether you’re looking for antique framed mirrors, tinted, etched, or beveled styles, we have a solution to enhance every room’s aesthetic. As a customer-focused business at V-Y Glass and Mirror Services, our commitment to quality and attention to detail delivers mirrors that elevate the ambiance and functionality of any space.

Glass & Mirror Installation

At V-Y Glass and Mirror Services, we install and repair existing glass structures for residential and commercial businesses in Brooklyn, New York. Our installers have decades of experience, so our work is guaranteed and you will be confident knowing your job will be done correctly.

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